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At JustBetter custom coffee, we believe that coffee equals community, community equals family and nothing is more important than family. We believe people matter and everyone deserves a seat at the table. We believe in kindness and generosity and hope to make a difference through it. We believe God is good and his hand can be seen all through our lives if we just take the time to see it. We believe in the balance between hustle and rest, and the rewards both bring. As the sun sets on each day, success means we’ve worked hard, loved well and made a difference along the way.

Drink Better, Feel Better, Be Better… JustBetter custom coffee.

Featured Coffee

Hand Picked Favorites

Mellow Mornings Blend

Our Mellow Mornings blend consists of 50% blonde and 50% dark decaf. The heavy contrast in roast profiles give a well-balanced flavor with half the caffeine.

Our Blend

Our signature blend consists of 70% dark and 30% medium. By blending the dark and medium together, the dark roast adds a bolder, aromatic flavor while preserving the "earth-ness" of the medium. Perfect afternoon cup for the day drinker.

Kick Start Blend

Trouble getting started? This custom blend will kickstart your day! Our Kickstart Blend consists of 70% medium and 30% blonde.

Midnight Blend

Do you like good ole fashioned campfire coffee? This is the blend for you! Our Midnight Blend consists of 70% dark and 30% french.


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